The game key:

The key defines game's configuration and players' teams.

Choose the list of words to choose from. You can edit it using the input area on the right.

Select the field size. The official version with words uses 5×5 field, with pictures — 5×4.

Captains of both teams open this page on their phones, enter the key, and press this button:

The rest of the players open the common field:

Spectators see the same field as other players, but are unable to open words. Useful to prevent accidential clicks on cards.

Game rules

Players list:

This field is optional — you can use it to split players into two teams randomly. The split depends on the current game key. One name per line.


You can enter your own word list here (it should be done both on captains' devices and for the common field). Words are comma-separated.

Web-version of the game is developed by Denis Olshin.
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Team Red

Team Blue